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Choreographer, Dance Educator, Mentor, Women’s Empowerment Activist, World Traveler, Sushi Snob, Tea Addict, Activewear Junkie, R&B Music Lover, and Dog Mom to Boba, my Min Pin.

Welcome to my community where we’ll create the process to your purpose, grow confidence in your mindset, and build strength in your movement.

I'm Gigi Torres.

hi friend.

Ready to create the process to your purpose? 

I understand that every artist has a unique set of strengths and skills. I have taken the responsibility to help you discover your superpowers and will guide you on creating a journey you love!

Mentorship for Artists who want to move towards their definition of success and happiness

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To jumpstart your journey with me, here are some tools for you to indulge in. Have Fun!

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Looking to book me for your next event? Whether you’re a studio owner, event producer, or a fellow CEO, this one's for you! Take a look at the services I offer and see if they’re the right fit for your vision and community.


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Feeling like you need some guidance? Looking for a community who knows the struggle and can be there for you? Look no further! Finding direction in your dance, creative, and/or entrepreneurial journey, is right here. Take a tour of my greatest creations that've been made with YOU and your future in mind.

The Gg Process

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Let’s Build Your Empire Together


“So grateful to have been part of something so special that I’ll remember for the rest of my life.”


- Kara Zabinski, Gg Visionaries Volume I

I’m Gigi, your new Teacher & Mentor!

Discovering who I was as a dancer, educator, and entrepreneur wasn’t always easy, but the lessons and my experiences led me to my purpose of building the next generation's leaders to live with intention.

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Ready to become the truest, most authentic version of yourself?

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My programs were created to help you discover your strengths and learn how to create the process to your purpose. Let’s do this!