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Are you looking for personalized mentorship that will keep you accountable as you move towards your dreams? Do you want a community of like-minded individuals that can motivate you in a positive way? Are you ready to push past your fears to become the artist you envision?
Well you’re in the right place my friend. Welcome to the Gg Process!

Dreamers, doers, believers & thinkers:

Once you find your Why, you can begin discovering the process to your Purpose! I know "finding your Why" can sound intimidating, but there's no need to worry! The guidance you need is right here.

How to find your Why

How to market your own unique brand

Your uniqueness shines in all that you do, especially in your brand, but showing it to others can be hard to navigate. That's where I come in, let's share your unique gifts with the world!

what you'll learn here: 

How to bring confidence and grace into all you do

When you know your worth and give yourself room to grow, anything is possible. Get ready to walk into your future with joy & excitement as your most authentic self.

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The Gg Process Intensive

A 3-day dance training intensive focusing on strengthening execution in movement, building confidence in performance, and guiding you through creating content. Includes guest teachers/speakers and filming high quality solo videos.

program by invite only

An exclusive mentorship program for dancers who want to find confidence in their uniqueness, cultivate community, and share their gifts with the world!

Gg Visionaries Mentorship Program 

The gg Process offerings

program by invite only

Gg Fellowships Mentorship Program 

An exclusive mentorship program for dancers, choreographers & educators, and entrepreneurs who seek clarity, direction, and accountability to build their brand and create a purposeful legacy!

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Empower Gatherings

A intimate one-night event to empower connection and community featuring a panel of industry leaders who will share their stories, wisdom, and insight about their careers and lives.

I was so happy that my girls were in the Visionaries program with Gigi this past year. Now not only do they have experience with a bunch of different dance types and know how to dance for a camera; they also know how to set goals, receive feedback gracefully and have friends and role models from across the country that they are looking forward to meeting up with again. Working with Gigi gave them that personalized experience from someone new that augments their regular studio experience and makes them grow.

"It pushed both girls out of their comfort zone in the most supportive manner and helped them grow both as dancers and as people."

mom of emily & zoe
gg Visionaries, volume I

Malinda Elien

Your visionaries program brought us light when it was really dark and scary. Your program kept Roycie engaged, accountable, and still dancing. That in itself was huge for our family. We are all thankful for your creative and passionate work you do! 

“Your program kept Roycie engaged, accountable, and still dancing. That in itself was huge for our family.”

Natalie Lastimosa

mom of roycie
Gg Visionaries, volume i

The meet-ups were amazing. We lived off of each other's energy, even through the screen. Our meet-ups felt like home to me. It was my safe space. When we all got together for the big August retreat where we got to interact and share energy, it was explosive and so inspiring. I am honored to have been a part of it because I don't know where I would be without that support and those people today!

“Gigi was always there for us no matter what…Our meet-ups felt like home to me. It was my safe space.”

Gg Visionaries, Volume I

Gemma Asfour

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There is so much goodness inside you just waiting to come out! When you join the Gg Process community, you'll connect with people who want to see you succeed and you'll discover the power of your uniqueness. Once you harness that power, no one can stop you from being everything you want to be.

Are you ready to become who you’re meant to be?